Spatial Relations Are NOT My Forte!

Oh boy! I am not very good at judging spatial relations. I tried my hand at homemade cleansing wipes today, with the plan to reuse a previous store-bought wipe container. I bought a package of pick-a-size paper towels, cut them in half, and pulled out the cardboard in the middle. No problem. (Except you shouldn’t be a mouth breather while sawing a roll of paper towels in half – cough, cough, gag.) I pulled a towel up through the center, and smushed the roll all together to slip it down in the wipe container. Guess what?!? It’s too tight of a fit to pull out any more towels, and I can’t get the roll back out. *sigh* So, I took the other half and popped them into an empty ice cream bucket (there was only a half-inch or so of extra space all the way around), and dumped in my solution, and clapped the lid on. I’ll report back tomorrow and tell you how they clean…

The solution I use is just equal amounts vinegar and water with a little dribble of blue Dawn dish soap. It’s the same ingredients I use to clean the toilet, the tub, the sink, almost everything, just in different proportions.

Sadly, I think I’m going to have to sacrifice my plastic wipe container to get my paper towels back. Oh well…I’ll know better next time.


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