Manicure of the Week and A “Political” Suggestion

So, how about a new feature? Manicure of the week. What do you think? We’ll try it for a few weeks and see how it goes. This is today’s mani. The polish is L.A. Colors in Tease, from Dollar General, purchased for $2 or less. My base and topcoat are L’oreal, because that’s what I have, and have been using the same two bottles for many years (I’m going to have to replace them soon). I really wish I had started this last week when I had a red & black “French” manicure. I’ll do that one again as the weather turns cooler. For now, I picked my color to reflect the last fun, sunny few weeks of summer. Pay no attention to the big ol’ smudge in my pinky finger.


Also, I wanted to report back on my homemade wipes – they work great! Only the container was a fail!

Happy weekend, everyone. Enjoy your Sabbath day (for those who do celebrate a Sabbath.) Take time to enjoy time with your loved ones.

Oh, if I might encourage those of you who think a company supporting the laws of the area they do business in, to visit a Starbucks tomorrow, and keep some gun control supporters from politicizing & making an example of a business who chooses to stay NEUTRAL! A mom’s group demanding “common sense” gun control is attempting to make an example out of Starbucks, and calling for a boycott tomorrow. (Per the Huffington Post.) It’s a shame really. Companies have a right to set their own rules, in accordance with federal, state and local laws. Duh.


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