Anybody else freezing? We sure are. I am so thankful for our home and our furnace today. I’ve had an interesting week. The Hubby left Sunday for work, and I didn’t expect to see him until tonight. He was able to come home on New Year’s Eve, no one was open on New Year’s Day so he was able to hang around. Unfortunately on New Year’s Day he hit one of the two patches of ice in our driveway and pulled a cartoon move and landed flat on his back. Yeouch! He ended up being able to be home the rest of the week to recover. Poor guy. So we’ve hung out, enjoying each other’s company. We watched some Ancient Aliens, the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and today we watched America Decoded….well, he did, I listened mostly. I took the Christmas tree down, and packed away all the decorations. Except I just remembered the miniature ornaments in the dining room in one of my milk glass pedestal bowls AND the little lighted wreath on my kitchen door. Oops. Oh well. I got some furniture moved around in our foyer, my giant cedar chest made by my Dad moved into it’s new temporary home, where the Christmas tree was. (I am not exaggerating about the chest being a giant, it’s probably 22 inches high, 18 inches wide and 36 inches long.) Hopefully before my birthday, it’ll be in it’s permanent home in the guest room/craft room. I’m going to store our extra linens in it, then protect the top and use it as my cutting table. I figure with the size it is, that might be a perfect use for it. I also managed to get the rug & coffee table put back where it goes (it weighs a TON), I had to have help. I feel like I got quite a bit accomplished. Even if I didn’t get much done craft project wise. Oh well. No pressure, right?

The kiddos come home tomorrow, and bless my folks they are going to bring them all the way home. I’m excited to see all of them. It’s been so quiet here. I’m beginning to think that if the weather forecast holds true, they might get an extra day off school. The high here on Monday is supposed to be -6!!!!!! That’s cold.

Any how, that’s what’s up here. Just hanging out, trying to stay warm and trying to stay busy.


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