Fat and Flexible – Oxymoron or Truth

Okay, I promise this isn’t going to turn into a full on fitness blog, however, I’ve issued myself a couple of fitness challenges for this year, and accepted on that was issued to me. So, I’ll occasionally discuss my progress. To recap, we already talked about my 90’s Music Challenge (I just love the way that sounds) to walk 500 miles, then walk 500 hundred more. I’ve had a hard time getting started with the walking challenge, I’ve been letting the weather get the best of me. Today, I said the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks with it, and did a Leslie Sanson 2 mile walk. I’m counting it. It may not have actually been mileage, but I figure it’s comparable.  This is my first official step to achieve my 1000 miles, so I’ve got some ground to make-up, but it’s still easily achievable. Just this weekend I have decided to attempt a 6-Week to the Splits challenge. I can report that on day one, my estimated split measurements (I had to measure myself while doing the splits, so it’s an estimation using a “hand” measurement like you’d measure a horse. Although, not entirely…I measured using heel of the hand to tip of the middle finger, not across the palm as you would measure a horse. Heaven help me, how do I even know this kind of information? I estimate my height of the front splits is already 9 inches, and the side splits to be about 12, hence the possible oxymoron of being fat AND flexible. I really enjoyed the stretches that are employed in the challenge, and wonder why I haven’t been stretching every day. (You can find the link to the video I used for the stretches here .)  I’ve always been rather flexible, and for that I am thankful. For Pete’s sake, even while I was pregnant I could touch my ear with my foot. I think there are pictures of me proving this at one of my baby showers. Ha! So I would say that for me, and I’m sure plenty others that being fat and flexible is possible, achievable, and possible already something that you are! So don’t shy away from giving it a try. Go on! Try it. I’d like to hear how flexible you all are. Whether you’ve been working on your flexibility or if you are naturally flexible, and whether you consider yourself already fit or needing to get fit. I’m interested AND nosy! 🙂


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