Every Which Way But Loose

Whew! I’ve got a minute to catch my breath! That title says it all, my brain is on overload, and I feel like I’m going in 1000 different directions. I think I mentioned everything that is going on lately, which in turn makes me a very, very busy Mom. Between running kids here, there, and everywhere, I pitched in with the costumes for the musical Bug is involved in. I had to cut, make, then sew on bias tape at the hem & neckline on 16 tear-away dresses. (Did I tell you the musical is Guys and Dolls? The dresses are for the “Take Back Your Mink” act.) I can’t believe I’m contributing to the “delinquency” of a bunch of minors…stripping high schoolers. Okay, so they don’t get naked. They have costumes under their costumes. Between trying to find everything Bug needed, and buying two sets of character shoes, because the USPS messed up my priority shipping and instead of the shoes coming in 2-3 business days, it took 5 business (and two weekend) days. We were able to find a pair of shoes, with much higher heels the night of the first dress rehearsal at Payless. What a life saver. She did switch to her professional dance shoes, because the heels are a lot lower, but the Payless shoes are SO cute, and I think both girls can wear them, so they’ll be put to good use.

Add to Bug’s rehearsal schedule, Pally has here Pep Band performances, I’ve started attending a yoga class in our tiny town (and am loving it), plus I all the things I’m doing at the art gallery. I’m co-leading/facilitating our fiber arts group, I’ll begin facilitating Women’s Writing next month (so there have been some meetings with the gallery owner), and I’ve accepted a titled position at the gallery – Art Enrichment Director. I’m exhausted just thinking about everything, but oh, so excited! I hope I’m not repeating myself, and boring you guys.

I know we’ve talked about my health previously, meaning my weight…I’m happy to report, that even with some minor setbacks, I am still having pretty surprising success. I am very happy to report an average of a 3.4 pound loss for the last 7 weeks. That’s 24 pounds, people! I know that may not sound like a lot,  if you know me, and know how much I actually have to lose, but holy moly, relatively consistent losses has been amazing. I can see some changes, the Hubs can see some changes, I’m going to see my parents this weekend, and am kind of hoping they will notice some changes, although my dear, sweet Mom reads my blog, so she’ll know what kind of numbers I’ve lost. Yes, I’m craving any kind of positive reinforcement I can get. The Hubs is doing a bang up job pointing out things he’s noticing, and not making fun of me for doing something I’ve never done before…not even as a teen. Ladies, where do you lose weight first? Yep, you guessed it…TMI warning – if any guys are reading my blog, you may want to go read something else now, and come back another day…my boobs are shrinking! I have had zero luck finding a bra that fits right, band/cup ratio is a strange thing when you are quite empty on top, and all your fullness is on the lower portion. I know that demi cup and balconette bras would fit best, but I just can’t find one with the right size combination. *sigh* I even ordered bras online, that I mistakenly thought were demi cup, and I ordered 2 sizes – a C and a B. Imagine my horror when neither fit! I cried. Yes, blubbered like a baby, So, I’ve been doing something I never thought I’d do, something I never did as a teen – I’ve been stuffing my bra! I discovered that a folded over-the-calf sock of the Hubby’s in the bottom of each cup allows me to wear my nice bras, and not have the gaps show. So, there’s your laugh for the day! I’m 38 1/2 and am having to stuff my bra. I think if I’d had the time to go spend the day in our nearest “big” town, I can stop the bra-drama, I just haven’t had the time. I keep joking that I need to go invest in some of those “chicken cutlets” from WalMart.

If you guys are interested in following my journey to better health, let me know, and I’ll consider posting about the program I’m using, and progress photos….


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