Well, it looks like Autumn is finally settling in here. I picked the very last of the grape tomatoes out of my garden yesterday, yes, October 29. I put them in a salad and gobbled them up. I think next year, if we space our garden rows farther apart, I won’t have “jungle” tomato plants! In the next week or two, I’ll put the garden to bed. My neighbor lady, Mrs. Farmer (they are farmers, hence Mr. and Mrs. Farmer – not their real names) pulled up the big plants then mowed the whole garden plot. I think that is what I’ll do. I’m hoping for some decent weather in the next few days so I can get the lawn mowed one last time for the season. I will need to get the carrots harvested in the next few days, or mound up some straw over the greens. It actually isn’t supposed to hurt them to stay in the ground, even after it starts to frost regularly. We’ll see.

My folks were here this last weekend. Bug’s musical was this last weekend, as well, hence the big reason Grammy & Grampy came to visit. Those high school kids did a wonderful job on Guys and Dolls. It was so much fun. I can’t wait to get our dvd copy. Yes, they had the thing professionally recorded. Such a nice touch. I barely took any photos, I was enjoying the show too much. We have a talented bunch of kiddos out here in the sticks.

I have less than a week before Women’s Writing starts. I’m very excited, and very nervous. I want there to be a great turn out, I want everyone to get what they need from the group, I don’t want to turn on my “professor” voice, and drive them all away. We are going to use a book called Fruitflesh as a resource. It is an amazing resource for finding a jumping off place for writing. Some of the suggestions are a little risqué, but overall, just about ever segment I’ve read has me thinking about what to write for it, already. Maybe I’m just on fire to write something. Other than this. Not that I’m not enjoying blogging, don’t get me wrong, but it is two different creatures. I don’t write fiction here. I might share something of mine as the group progresses….who knows.

On the home front, I’m in the middle of a much bigger project than I ever expected. I am altering my couch. I have a Broyhill couch, that we love, but it has those huge, attached cushions on the back, and they were coming off, misshapen, and becoming uncomfortable. So, I removed them completely, added a panel to the back of the cushion, so they will be “unattached,” refluffing the stuffing (and wishing I could just go buy 20 pounds of the stuff, because fluffing polyfill is for the BIRDS), and I am going to have to sew new baffles – the fabric that they use to contain the stuffing is horrible! It is like the sides of a mattress cover, and it shreds, pills, runs and tears. So, I took one of the inserts apart today, and will cut two new ones out of flannel tomorrow. Flannel, it is just what I had the most of lying around in my stash. I have been promising folks a tutorial if it even half way turns out, so stay tuned!

On the health front…I had to tie drawstring in my exercise pants yesterday in yoga to keep them from falling off my fanny during a stretch! Woo hoo! I am also happy to report I have officially lost 27 lbs. I am hoping to be able to tell you some time next week that it is officially 30…or 35, but I’m trying to be realistic! Ha! I can tell you I haven’t been at this weight since we moved to Illinois. The very last weight I remember while working at the doctor’s office is only one pound away! Yes, I’m excited. And it certainly helps keep me moving in the right direction. I am also happy to report that my left knee, which is the one I injured falling down the basement stairs two years ago, and that has given me so much pain & trouble in the last 3 months, has been behaving rather well this week. There are still some things I can’t do in yoga – I’m not pushing the knee, I don’t want to get sidelined.

So, anyway, dinner (Boca burgers & spicy collard greens) is almost ready, and we have Stitch, Please tonight, so I’m gonna get this posted. Hope you all are having a great Thursday.


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