Who is Jawsiebelle?

So, I’m finally blogging.  I’m coming a little late to the party.  I have a lot to say.  I have very strong opinions, and I’m not afraid to share.  This is an outlet me for rant, share, have group therapy sessions, and let you have a little peek into my crazy day-to-day life.  Right now, let me share a little with you about who I am…

First, let’s talk about the blog name.  Yes, it’s pronounced just like it sounds.  I’ve been Jawsie since I was a baby.  My Gramps started it when I was little.  I’ve heard it’s because I started talking and never stopped.  The darling Hubby added belle.  Some days it’s JawsieBob (when I’m feeling & acting particularly hillbilly-ish.)  Some days it is just Jaws.  But hey, we all have our burdens to carry.  I am a thirty-something only child.  I have been married 13 years to Big Daddy, a middle child (so I finally have a sister & brothers). We dated for a month and a half, then had a four-month engagement.  We got pregnant about 6 months into our marriage.    Apparently we don’t know what it means to take things slow.  We have two daughters, Bug and Pally who are 23 months apart and Rory our furry, four-legged child.  We have moved 9 times in 13 years and have lived in 4 different states.  No, neither of us was in the military during this time.  I am blessed to be a stay at home mom, again.  The goal is for that to last until both girls are at least in high school.  I sew, knit, cook almost completely from scratch  and devour books as quickly as most people eat chips.  I rarely leave the library without a full tote bag of books every couple of weeks.  Yep, I’m a big ol’ nerd.  I’m going to try to drag you into a big bunch of nerdy-crazy.  Hope you are ready.


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