What’s for Dinner?

Isn’t that one of the worst questions?  Do you ever get tired of hearing it?  Sometimes the kids start asking that question as soon as we finish lunch.  I have a daughter who eats like a growing boy.  And I get bored easily.  I hate cooking the same old thing week after week.  I know people who one night a week is always the same dish, and I can’t do that.  So I have taken to trolling blog sites for recipes and ideas.  So, I thought I’d give a hand to the other folks out there doing what I do.  Occasionally I’ll post a recipe & photo of something I’m feeding my peoples.   As time goes on, I may make it a special “day” but for right now, I’m just going to throw pics and recipes your way as the meal strikes me.


2 responses to “What’s for Dinner?

  1. I would love to see some of the recipes for the things you write about on facebook and here! I like to cook and try new things. Would be more into that if I had more people to cook for and who were adverturous! Danny didn’t like much of what I made which really sort of bothered me. No one else in my life has ever seemed to have a problem with my cooking. In all our years together he liked my carrot cake and my goulash and that is about it. Nice huh?

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